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Abrasive Media Blasting Equipment and Supplies. BLAST-IT-ALL® was founded in 1971 by Larry and Tom Hess. Our first cabinet, a Model 4426, was fabricated by a local company, painted and assembled at our first facility in Salisbury, NC. The company name was incorporated August 14, 1971. The name was changed in 1990 to Larry Hess and Associates, Inc.

Big Clem Abrasive Blasting Equipment

Big Clem Bulk Blasting Machines Clemco Big Clem multi-outlet, bulk abrasive blast machines are rugged, reliable, and efficient. Designed for large jobs, where multiple blast operators are needed, the Big Clem offers the convenience of a large supply of abrasive, loaded at one time, ensuring more blast on time, and saving the time and labour of re-filling smaller machines.

Bulk Blasting Machines | Hodge Clemco

Bulk blasting vessels are an excellent addition to any site production application. The units are available in a range of capacity sizes with multiple outlets enabling a whole team of blasters to operate for a full shift without the need to refill the vessel. The machines are normally skid mounted and have a series of lifting lugs making them ...

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clemco sand blasting machine suppliers in uae grinding. Abrasive Blasting Equipment and Accessories | Clemco …. Clemco Industries is the world's largest manufacturer of sandblasting equipment used to clean, deburr, … and was welcomed by manufacturers and customers alike.

Dustless Blasting Equipment | Hodge Clemco

The Hodge Vac includes all the tools and fittings you need to convert any Hodge Clemco standard blast machine to a closed circuit abrasive recovery dustless blasting system within seconds. Closed circuit blasting uses a combined blast and vacuum head which allows the operator to blast without the need to encapsulate the area or wear the PPE normally used for blasting.

Clemco Low Pressure Blast Machine 20 liter Big Clem, SCW-1028

Our Clemco low pressure blast machines can be used for every blast with a grain size between 0,2 to 1mm. Clemco Low Pressure Blast Machine 20 liter Big Clem, SCW-1028 +49 (340) 540 744 6 …

Bulk Blast Machines—Big Clems | Clemco Industries Corp.

Clemco Bulk Blast Machines are supersized versions of our Classic Blast Machines. We call them Big Clems and manufacture them in three sizes: 60 cuft, 120 cuft, and 160 cuft. These machines handle large amounts of abrasive loaded at one time—and less time refilling means more time blasting. All Big Clems are equipped with two operator stations, and ...

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Clemco specializes in portable pressure blast equipment used by contractors, facility owners, and shipyards for cleaning, corrosion control, and surface preparation. The Clemco product line includes standard blast machines ranging in size from 0.5 cuft to 160 cuft, blast nozzles, couplings, hose, blast respirators, operator safety and comfort ...

Clemco® On Kleen Blast

Clemco Big Clem multi-outlet, bulk abrasive blast machines are rugged, reliable, and efficient. Designed for large jobs, where multiple blast operators are needed, the Big Clem offers the convenience of a large supply of abrasive, loaded at one time, ensuring more blast on time, and saving the time and labor of refilling smaller machines.

Sandblasting Accessories - Sand Blast Equipment | Redline ...

Sand Blasting Accessories. Shop our great range of sandblasting accessories from great manufacturers including Redline, SMC, 3M and ALC. Whether you need a Compression Fitting Converter for your blast gun, sand blast hood, or even some sand blasting sand, we've got you covered.

Big Clem Bulk Blast Machines - CLEMCO INDUSTRIES - PDF ...

Consult CLEMCO INDUSTRIES's Big Clem Bulk Blast Machines brochure on DirectIndustry. Page: 1/2

Clemco 160 Cu. Ft. Big Clem Blast Machine - Stationary w ...

160 Cuft Big Clem Bulk Blast Machines for High Production Needs Features Automatic pop-up filling valve, with debris screen, and swing-open rain cap—the safest option on the market—eliminates the potential for injury possible on units with camlock closures Vertically-adjustable bolt-on hitch Hose support bracket allows

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Wet Blast Equipment Abrasives Inc. ... We specialize in selling Clemco portable blast machine systems and offer an array of industrial-quality blast machines, accessories, and parts. Big Clem Bulk Blast Machines 60 Cuft Big Clem Bulk Blast Machines 120 Cuft Big Clem Bulk Blast Machines 160 . …

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Blast cabinets Aquastorm Ultra high pressure water jetting Pipe cleaning & coating equipment Remote controle systems Abrasive metering valves Blasting nozzles Nozzle holders and couplings Hoses Blast & paint helmets and accessories Air receivers

OWNER´S MANUAL BIG CLEM for several operators with ...

2.2 Abrasive The "BIG CLEM" can be used for all types of abrasive, whereby the following should be considered: A BIG CLEM with a 60 - degree conical bottom has the advantage, that when blasting, the tank can be completely emptied of abrasive (option). The maximum particle size of the abrasive depends on the nozzle size.

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Blasting Equipment Parts For Rent And Sale. Our current inventory supports all modes of blasting, vacuuming and dust collection. All of our four locations stocks a full inventory and any part or accessory can be shipped within 24 hours. Have a question? Speak with …

Blast Pots | Clemco International

Blast Pots. The Blast Pot is the heart of abrasive blasting with a pressure blast pot. The Clemco product range offers different machine sizes and versions so the best possible blast pot can be used for every application and environment, whether for stationary or portable use.

Blast and Abrasive Recovery Systems - Blasting Equipment

SSPC-VIS 1 Dry Abrasive Blast Cleaning; SSPC-VIS 2 Degree of Rust; SSPC-VIS 3 Hand & Power Tool Cleaning; Surface Contamination. Bresle-SCAT Kit I; Chlor*Test SCAT Kit; Swab SCAT Kit; Temperature Gauges. Defelsko PosiTector Dew Point Meter; Surface Contamination. PosiTector SST Soluble Salt Tester; Wet Film Thickness Gauges; Refurbished Equipment and Specials

Abrasive Blast Equipment | Clemco Industries Corp

Standard Features: Classic Blast Machines; Contractor Abrasive Blast Machines; Aerolyte Nonagressive-Media Blast Machines. Pool Pal: 1-cuft Blast Machine; Soft King; Bulk Blast Machines—Big Clems. Bulk Blast Machine Upgrades and Options; Wetblast Systems. Wetblast FLEX™—Complete, Portable Wetblast System

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Abrasive blasting equipment, parts and supplies. Air Systems, Breco, Bullard, Clemco, Clemtex, Econoline, Empire, Global Finishing, Kennametal, RPB, Schmidt, Universal, Western Tech and more! Blasting Equipment. Blast and Abrasive Recovery Systems. Blast Cabinet Replacement Parts.

Canfield & Joseph - Clemco Big Clem Bulk Blast Machines

Clemco Big Clem Bulk Blast Machines. Big Clems are offered in three sizes: 60, 120 and 160 cubic feet (pressure vessel abrasive volume). Each size is available as stationary, yard towable or highway towable.Nine models give you a wide choice to meet your specific bulk blast requirements.

Abrasive Blasters - Graco

Graco abrasive blasters are ideal for blasting in areas where dust and containment are concerns. Wet and vapour abrasive blast systems employ a mixture of water, air, and abrasive to clean and remove surface contaminants and coatings. This method is ideal for surface preparation and provides a cleaner surface with little to no embedded particles or clinging dust.

Clemco Blast Machine Accessories - Free Ship $75+

Clemco Blast Machine Accessories - Free Ship $75+. Home. Accessories. Accessories. Successful blasting requires more than just a top quality sandblast machine: it requires pairing a machine with superior accessories. Whether it's for additional safety, comfort, or preventative maintenance, our authentic Clemco accessories are guaranteed to ...

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